Creator of the book "Hollywood or Bust"
& album "Invitation to a Dream"

Some of the productions created by Len



13 episode Scripted drama starring Kurt Angle as LAPD Sgt. Gabe Mandell. The series follows the day to day adventures of LAPD, Station 77 of LA CIty Fire Dept and Medical Center Trauma One.

Trauma One


13 episode scripted drama as a spin-off show from Emergency:LA following the day to day adventures of Medical Center Trauma One.

Astral Princess


A 13 episode scripted drama starring Angelique Berry as Susanna Foster who has the ability to leave her physical body and occupy others.

Shadow Dancer - Land of the free.


A movie length project designed to become a scripted drama series. 18 year old Sun Xiaou accompanied by her chaperone Shaolin monk Qing seeks to restore her life and find her twin sister.

Team 4


A 13 episode scripted drama following one of a number of security teams based around the world. These are the finest warriors in the World today enhanced by nanites for specific missions.

Bomber Command


Based on flight log books, factual records and historical knowledge, Bomber Command salutes the crews of the Avro Lancaster primarily from the rear gunner perspective and the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary.